I am a daydreamer with deep-rooted values and hopes. I delve into life with my hopes and desires and determination, and my ideal life is the one I am living today and not veiled by some desire of what could be.
I derive immense joy in the simple pleasures of life, like my ardent tendency to gravitate towards the divine aroma and taste of cake or having a garden with a swing, full of laughter surrounded by my favourite “genda phool”, a home that full of serenity, respect, and gratitude, filled with people, happy and content hearts or like the immense pleasure in seeing my reflection in the mirror after trying on the perfect outfit. I love working with dynamic and entrepreneurial people, especially women – it is truly my privilege to be surrounded by them. My mother and maternal mother being one of them.

I’m choosing this space that I wished all my life, with all my strength and honesty,  just like love and romance, because that’s where all your strength lies. I’m choosing both life and clothes, still unsure of which one to choose first!

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