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Minakksi Harshana

Founder / Creative Head

I am the Founder & Creative Head of Kasa. I shifted gears – from flying as an Air Hostess for a leading airline, to pursue fashion design from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi.

Our story dates back to almost 50 years ago. In the 1970s my maternal grandma started her small scale garment business. She worked tremendously hard to grow it from selling via artisan stalls to becoming a leading wholesaler, at the famous market, Karol Bagh in Delhi. She didn’t just spearhead this business but also passed on the knack of exploring the intricacies of fabric and various textiles. All through my growing up years, my visits to our store helped me pick on those skills. I didn’t just look up to my Naani for her love but also for the strength and individuality she demonstrated in an era where women were busy in other walks of life. This eventually helped me to know what I wanted to pursue. I graduated from NIFT & learnt the basics of industry and designing. Eventually, utilised all my learning by spending months at the slums of East Delhi where I used to teach basics of fashion designing, block printing etc to young girls. I must say I am mega proud of that. It not only made me immensely happy but also taught me the best life lessons.

Kasa is my way of building on my family’s heritage. It is my way of bringing timeless designs that reference Indian culture, philosophy and to revive traditional textiles in a modern context. Kasa not only showcases the traditional expertise that our local artisans possess but also helps improving their lives by expanding their market reach, creating new styles to also help them get in line with the current needs of today’s woman!

My vision for Kasa is to bring simplicity, pleasure, self confidence by enhancing your beauty with simple designs, This is my way of contributing to the joy of dressing up!

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